Do You Know Your Heart May Be Ageing Faster Than You Are?

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Do you know the real age of your heart? There is an online test that gives the real age of the heart. According to BBC, Public Health England are urging people over 30 years to take the test to determine the age of their heart. A lot of people are under the illusion that heart-related diseases are only for aged people but, this heart age test will indicate if an individual is at risk of stroke or heart attack.

Although the test will not diagnose any heart illness, the results will determine if there is a need to change lifestyle to reduce the risk of any heart-related disease. According to an estimate, an unhealthy lifestyle puts four out of five people at risk of heart-related disease and this can be avoided by quitting unhealthy habits like like smoking, exercising and eating healthy diets. Out of almost two million people that have taken the heart age, 78% had a heart age higher than their real age this puts them at risk of a heart illness or early death.

The test is supported by the British Heart Foundation and the Stroke Association. The test makes an estimate through a series of age and lifestyle-related questions, and then predicts the risk of heart attack or stroke at a certain age. It also recommends lifestyle changes to be made to reduce the risk of heart-related illness. Simple ways to improve heart health Quit smoking, Engage in physical activity, Check your weight, Reduce intake of saturated fat, Increase fiber intake, Eat more fruits and vegetables, Eat fish, Reduce salt intake, Reduce alcohol intake.

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