Auditors And Auditees – The Unending Love Hate Relationship

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In my years and experience of working as an auditor, I have come to the conclusion that there will always be a love-hate relationship between auditors and auditees which is quite understandable but doesn’t make it right.

Oftentimes, I have wondered and marveled at this incredible relationship and realized a key factor for a successful working relationship is missing – UNDERSTANDING.

Yes, a lack of understanding of what each job role entails, is a major cause for this sour relationship. Auditors and auditees have failed to fully comprehend what they stand for and how a positive or negative working relationship affects them, the execution of their duties and the organization at large.

Here are a few things I hope both parties will begin to understand going forward;

Auditors 1. You are a Risk Manager – your duty is to help manage the risks that could arise from any error and point your auditees and the organization in the right direction.

2. You are a solution provider and not a witch Hunter. Don’t go about your job ‘looking to catch a thief’ as auditees think. Funny but true. How then do you expect your client to open up about their problems and give them an opportunity to receive adequate resolution?

To the Auditees 1. Your duty is to deliver on the job as you are expected to. Do it the best way you can and understand that no one is above errors. As much as no one likes to be corrected, no one is also not an island or body of knowledge. This will help you stay positive when auditors point out your errors to you.

2. Change the way you think and be open minded – even the Bible talks about renewing our minds. I know you’ve heard horrible stories about auditors and you just cannot seem to tolerate their prying attitude.

Remember, you cannot judge people based on another person’s account of them. Renew your mind and begin to see them as a positive addition to your work life.

3. Express your concerns on the job – learn to be open about issues you deal with in delivering your job. Trust me, auditors are very effective in notifying the management of your organization, of the issues you deal with at work. If you do not speak up, how do you get appropriate help? Above all, mutual respect is key in ensuring this relationship is beneficial.

I have experienced the very horrible attitude of auditors and auditees and wondered if it were a slave/master relationship. No one is better than the other and we all need each other. Let’s understand this and be better people.

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