Help! My Phone is getting in My Way

Do you ever find yourself reflecting on your day or some part of your day and realize in some way or the other you fell short of your schedule or goals for the day? And then you realize that you have spent an ample amount of time unproductively being glued to your mobile device. Don’t worry you are not alone.

Over the years, the use of mobile phone technology has gradually become a major part of our everyday life. Statistical evidence has continuously proven that mobile phone distraction is a major problem. Mobile phone distraction has been defined simply by scholars as the prevention of giving full attention to the nearest surroundings. It is imperative to note that it says full attention, not partial attention.

This means that it is possible for us to be very much aware of our environment while operating our mobile phones.

There are various reasons we use the mobile phone,

and include social, academic, emotional, among many others. These mobile phones are structured so well that they offer enticing features and functionalities that attract users to purchase them.

Likewise, mobile phones are so versatile that they allow for smooth interactions in all spheres of life. They also enhance the quality of life of their users in many ways. And this could make us very much dependent on them.

However, the continuous usage of a mobile phone as illustrated in studies has proven to project negative consequences. For example, employees who make use of mobile devices for unnecessarily extended periods can take a toll on their productivity level. Likewise, it can drain individuals mentally and physically, causing exhaustion, which consequently leads to a drop in work performance. And it could also cause harm to others.

For example, a driver who is distracted by a mobile device would most likely not to pay attention to traffic rules and may cause harm to unsuspecting pedestrians or even fellow drivers. There is a myriad of consequences attached to undisciplined phone usage or mobile phone distraction.

This lack of caution in the use of mobile devices has therefore become a societal menace that goes beyond what the eyes see and requires collective and immediate action. Collective in the sense that each member of the society has to make sure his or her phone usage does not cause harm whether mental, physical, social, or any kind at all to himself or the society at large.

Although mobile phones can encourage productivity and enhance the quality of life, individuals should be careful not to let them be a source of distraction. Despite the amazing benefits that mobile phones offer, it is important to have control over these devices.

You are probably wondering how to handle phone distraction when it is pivotal to running some or most of your day-to-day activities. Here are 4 tips that would help one manage mobile phone usage effectively:

1. Track your phone usage: Our mobile phones have a way of stealing our time, we get on our phone right from when we wake up in the morning to quickly check a WhatsApp message or use some other Apps. During the day, we also get to check our phones from time to time, sometimes it just seems like a thirty seconds check on our phones but when you track your phone usage you can know how much time you have spent on it and how you can cut back on the time.

We your colleagues join your families and friends to wish you long life in good health of mind and body.

App that tracks phone usage would help you manage the time spent on your mobile phone and help you effectively manage your time. Some phones come with a phone usage tracker and you can download some trackers like quality time, App usage and so on.

2. Turn off as many notifications as required:

We all know that there are those notifications that once they pop up, we get tempted to deviate from our work and focus on them. The notifications for such applications should be turned off, within the time frame of work.

3.Learn to schedule your time or day: It is okay to play games on your phone, chat, watch movies,

and do many other things to relax or take your mind off work. What having schedules in your day helps you do is to make sure the time for a particular activity does not eat into that of the other. It helps to create a balance and a sense of accountability to yourself.

4. Evaluate and uninstall those distracting applications: When you do an evaluation of the value an application adds to you; you know if it is something you can do with or without. Now we must understand that value does not necessarily mean how does it contribute to my work or other serious things? It could be as simple as how does it helps me relax or how is it a beneficial distraction? Because distraction may not always be a bad thing if it is adding some sort of value.

Mobile phones are definitely a great addition to us if used appropriately, however it can also be detrimental to our health, social life and work performance. Make sure to evaluate and re-evaluate yourself and your phone usage.

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